Every individual has many incidents stored in his memory. Memory played an extremely important part of the development of human society. Memory improvement techniques are pretty simple to learn but they require a lot of practice and constant use, otherwise there is hardly any benefits.
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Monday, October 15, 2012

Sigmund Freud and motivated forgetting

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) was the controversial founder of psychoanalysis. His major contribution to the field of memory research was an explanation on why the people forget.

He developed the concept of ‘motivated forgetting’. Sigmund Freud believed that certain memories are not forgotten but are kept hidden from awareness by repression, or motivated forgetting. This is the case when dealing with memories of traumatic experiences.

The people would be flooded with overwhelming anxiety whenever such threatening material entered consciousness. Under certain circumstances they can resurface – often causing discomfort and emotional distress.

In Freud’s view, repression is psychological defense mechanism that protects the self from awareness of threatening material, such as unacceptable sexual or aggressive wishes or impulses.

Motivated forgetting occurs when the individual consciously forgets about painful or embarrassing events. It has at its root a conscious desire to forget or ‘suppress’ events.
Sigmund Freud and motivated forgetting

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