Every individual has many incidents stored in his memory. Memory played an extremely important part of the development of human society. Memory improvement techniques are pretty simple to learn but they require a lot of practice and constant use, otherwise there is hardly any benefits.
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Massed practice memory

Practice may not necessarily make perfect but, in general the more people practice the more they remember.

Massed practice refers to instruction in which two or more trials of a task are closely sequenced, with each trial directly following completion of the previous.

Massed practice, like cramming, involves studying occurs in one block of time. With massed practice the person will develop of feeling tired, bored that decrease efficiency for storing the material in long term memory.

In massed practice the information is not well organize in a way that allows the person to find it again in long term memory.

Massed practice can be employed with some success right before an exam. The practice immediately before the exam will leave some information highly accessible.

Massed practice promotes little long term retention of the practiced material. That is cramming may result in enough learning to get a passing grade, but will have to restudy it all over gain to prepare for the cumulative final.
Massed practice memory

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