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Sunday, May 07, 2017

What is retrograde amnesia?

Retrograde amnesia refers to loss of memory for information acquired before the onset of amnesia. Retrograde memory loss almost always occurs in association with anterograde amnesia, which is characterized by an inability to learn new information.

Retrograde amnesia can affect both the recall of autobiographical and public events (episodic memory) and the retrieval of facts and concepts (semantic memory) that were known before the onset of amnesia.
Almost all other cognitive abilities, such as attention and perception, speech, problem solving, and decision making alls remain intact, depending on the area of the brain that has been compromised.

Some patients have severe retrograde amnesia for events together with relatively preserved memory for facts and concepts, whereas others show the opposite pattern with severely impaired semantic memory but relatively preserved episodic remote memory.

Retrograde amnesia most often occurs following some types of illness (e.g. encephalitis, Alzheimer’s disease or Korsakoff syndrome) or following a traumatic injury of the brain.
What is retrograde amnesia?

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