Every individual has many incidents stored in his memory. Memory played an extremely important part of the development of human society. Memory improvement techniques are pretty simple to learn but they require a lot of practice and constant use, otherwise there is hardly any benefits.
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Sunday, December 01, 2019

Aging process: Ability to retain a good memory

Memory refers to the mental process of encoding, retaining, and retrieving environmental information. How the human cognitive system deals with the memorization process remains the centre of research among cognitive psychologists.

The association between sleep and memory has been studied for the last few decades, but it is now well established that sleep plays an important role in the memory consolidation process, which is a part of retention or the encoding process. There is electrophysiological and behavioral evidence to prove that sleep helps memory consolidation and brain plasticity.

Myths about aging can contribute to a failing memory. Middle-aged and older learners do worse on memory tasks when they're exposed to negative stereotypes about aging and memory, and better when the messages are positive about memory preservation into old age.

People who believe that they are not in control of their memory function are less likely to work at maintaining or improving their memory skills and therefore are more likely to experience cognitive decline. If the person is motivated to develop a better memory and believe he can, the person is much more likely to do what it takes to have a better memory.

The effects of nutrition and exercise on verbal memory were studied for type 2 diabetic old age participants, and positive results were reported. This study showed that exercise and nutrition may help memory for old adults at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The reason for this finding may be that diet and exercise affect neurotropic elements and synaptic plasticity in the brain’s regions, which are directly related to memory.
Aging process: Ability to retain a good memory

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